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I only have one young daughter in dance and she absolutely loves going to class with Jenna! Jenna made it easy to have fun, but also learn the fundamentals of dance as well. Everyone there has been incredibly helpful and kind. Also, the recitals in June are AMAZING!! Such a beautiful representation of all the hard work the dancers have put in throughout the year!

Becky T.

Love this dance academy... amazing technique taught by amazing teachers!!! We travel 35 minutes to stay at this school because it is that good!

Heather E.

I've been going the YDA shows ever since my grand kids have been dancing there, and they do put on "the show of all shows"... can't wait to see Dillon and Holden Saturday night.

Mike T.

I attended my 4 year old niece's dance recital this past Sunday. I just wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance! WOW!!! The amount of talent on that stage was incredible. I wish I could have come to another show because it was that good! I will surely attend next year - even if my niece is not in the recital!! Thank you so much to all the dancers for sharing their wonderful talent and obvious passion for dance! I'm inspired to put on my tap shoes again!


Our daughter has attended YDA for 3 years, and we couldn't ask for a better experience! She has learned so much from her amazing teachers! Everything is so professional and well organized! I don't know who is more excited for this year's recital, her, or me!

Amanda H.

Sandy and staff-

Dance dads have a sense of helplessness during a show or competition by virtue of the No Men Beyond This Point line that we can't cross. We constantly look for things to fix, but humbly accept our role of bag holder and shoe finder. Dance dads do have one advantage to being silent observers though - different perspective.

My family is in its 6th year at YDA, but this is our first in TI and this weekend in Chicago was our first competition, so we're still rookies. One word to describe YDA kept springing up everywhere I looked: Class. From makeup and costumes to choreography and parent behavior - class is the only word to describe it all.

Stuffy and prude are adjectives that will never describe me. (Pause for the people who know me to stop giggling). But I am a father and YDA proves that we do not need booty shorts and hip thrusts for our dancers, our daughters, to be absolutely stunning.

People ask me if this whole dance thing is like sitting in an episode of Dance Moms. I naively say, "Mostly, no". I'm not so sure I can say that anymore after Chicago, but why was I so wrong? I was wrong because this whole time I've been part of an environment of self-respect and accountability and I assumed everyone else was like that. That Dance Moms was just a made for TV parody. There was a moment on Saturday when a group of families were sitting at some tables at lunchtime. You were hustling as much as anyone else, but it was different. It was controlled chaos. It was the unspoken statement of "We practice how we compete". Walk past a group of YDA dancers in the hallway and you'll walk through a bubble of strong, quiet confidence. If you don't pay attention, you'll miss it. That's a powerful subtlety.

As a parent, it's easy to complain about time, money, and stress of making it all work on our households (not to worry, this isn't likely to end). When I get a phone call from my 8 year old after the awards ceremony who realized the full circle of preparation leading to success, it's a whole lot easier to swallow. This microcosm for life is not well understood in some other areas of our kids' lives.

I'm sure this is old news to you and veteran TI parents and I've probably sounded over dramatic after ONE competition. So, I'll stop now and simply say: Thank You.

Ron G.

My daughter loves Young Dance Academy. This is her third attending Young, and she couldn't be happier. My daughter is a competitive gymnast, the ballet at Young is the perfect compliment for her floor and beam routines. Her instructors at Young Dance, are the perfect combination of structure and engaging, they turn out high quality dancers.

Kim S.

Young Dance will teach your child not only great dance technique but focus, discipline and a strong work ethic as well. The teachers are top notch! Our family thanks Sandy and her staff everyday for providing our daughters with this strong foundation that has made them good dancers and performers. They also set them up for success in all areas of their lives. We're glad to have been (and continue to be) part of the YDA family for 11 years.

Sara M.

The staff here are one in a million, we feel blessed to have found the perfect studio for our family! It has really helped my youngest daughter with her "listening". We have also watched our older daughter progress over the last couple of years. It's so fun to see her love of dance and excitement over a new step.

Amber D.

I would like to say how impressed I was by all of the young YDA dancers in the Ready Set Dance workshop at New York City Dance Alliance. They all displayed so much respect to the instructors and fellow dancers. Each were such focused little learners! These are skills they observe by example at the studio. As a parent, I think that is equally important to any dance step!

Rindy H.