June 2018

This is the FINAL monthly newsletter you will receive before the recitals. The next piece of information you will receive is our Backstage & Recital Preparation Information 2018 note, which will be emailed to all families on Thursday, May 24th.

Dear Parents and Dancers:                                        

Please note the class schedule for the remainder of the dance season. 

×   TODAY, Monday, May 21st is our last Monday of classes. Dancers in Monday classes should make every effort to be in class TODAY!

×   NO classes will be held Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd as recital picture taking continues at the studio.

×   There WILL BE classes held at the studio on Thursday, May 24th.

×   NO classes will be held Friday, May 25th, Saturday, May 26th and Monday, May 28th for the Memorial weekend holiday.

×   There WILL BE classes held at the studio on Tuesday, May 29th, Wednesday, May 30th and Thursday, May 31st.

×   NO classes will be held on Friday, June 1st. Dress rehearsals are being held at Greendale High School.

×   There WILL be classes held at the studio on Saturday, JUNE 2nd. Dress Rehearsals begin on Saturday, June 2nd at 12:30pm.

×   no classes will be held at the studio Monday, June 4th – FRIDAY, June 15th, 2018.

×   Summer classes begin Monday, June 18th, 2018.

REMEMBER…all dancers are expected to attend ALL OF their scheduled dress rehearsalS & recital performances at Greendale High School Friday, june 1st – FRIDAY, June 15th, 2018.

By now you should have ALREADY:

×        Purchased your recital tickets. If you missed purchasing your tickets on Ticket Day, April 28th, please purchase your tickets NOW at the studio during our regular hours of operation. Tickets are now on sale to the general public.

×        Reviewed the Dress Rehearsal ScheduleDress rehearsals are held at Greendale High School – 6801 Southway in Greendale. All dancers must arrive 30 minutes prior to their stage time and plan to stay 30 minutes after their stage time.  All rehearsals are in full costume with proper hairstyle & make-up!

×        Purchased the correct tights and put final touches on your costuming so you are prepared for your recital pictures on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 20th, 22nd and 23rd.

×        Signed-up to help backstage for at least one of the shows. We need MANY more volunteers! Please volunteer on one of the evenings that you will not be in the audience. We truly appreciate all of our backstage volunteers!!! We are anticipating that parents of the boys in the show will volunteer to be in the boy’s dressing room for at least one of the performances. As always, we truly appreciate your help!

RECITAL DVD & BLU-RAY ORDERS – Order information and forms will be available during recital week at Greendale High School. Order your recital DVD and Blu-ray at the shows or through the mail by SATURDAY, JUNE 23rd.


You will be required to return your video camera to your car.  You may videotape DRESS REHEARSALS only.


You may take photos at DRESS REHEARSALS only.

Camera flashes are extremely distracting and dangerous for the dancers on stage. Guests moving about the auditorium to take pictures even without a flash is also very distracting, not only to the dancers on stage, but to the rest of the audience as well. Please remind your guests of these rules and to remain in their seats to enjoy the performances. Your dancer and all the other dancers have practiced for months to perform 2-3 minutes on stage. PLEASE take your pictures at dress rehearsal ONLY instead of during their short time on stage during performances. Please remain in your seats during the show and keep the aisles clear. Please inform your guests of this courtesy before they attend any of our 6 performances.

Please remember to limit movement in the auditorium during the performances. Do NOT get up in the middle of an Act to change your dancer. Make sure your dancer is on our costume change list so we are able to assign them a backstage changer.


Please meet with the backstage coordinators during dress rehearsal week Friday, June 1st through Thursday, June 7th at Greendale High School to receive your assignment(s). A Backstage and Recital Preparation sheet will be emailed to all YDA families on Thursday, May 24th. May we please add your name to our backstage volunteer list?

BACKSTAGE VOLUNTEER/DANCER ARRIVAL TIMESShowtime is 7:00 p.m. for all performances.  Each show is divided into two Acts with a 15-minute intermission in between. Each show including intermission runs approximately 2½ hours. Auditorium doors will open at 6:30 p.m. All non-volunteering parents should be out of the backstage area by 6:30 p.m. DANCERS MUST ENTER THE SCHOOL THROUGH THE BACK DOORS. ALL DANCERS MUST WEAR A COVER-UP OVER THEIR COSTUME AT ALL TIMES TO AVOID STAINS FROM ACCIDENTAL SPILLS AND TO MAINTAIN THE PROFESSIONAL ATMOSPHERE OF WHICH WE ARE SO PROUD!  (A cover up is a large over-sized shirt, robe, etc.)

Specific arrival times are listed below:

◇       All backstage volunteers should arrive no later than 6:00 p.m. on each of their designated show dates.

◇       All DANCERS should arrive in the backstage area in costume with make-up and hairstyle complete by 6:15 p.m. each evening.

Please enter the school through the back doors where our backstage staff will be set up. 

It is most important that parents and dancers adhere to the specific arrival times listed. The backstage staff needs to arrive by 6:00 p.m. and be in place before dancers arrive at 6:15 p.m. Dancers need to arrive by 6:15 p.m. in order for the staff to coordinate costume changes and to avoid any last minute changes. It is extremely difficult for the backstage staff to line dancers up to perform and it also causes unneeded stress to other dancers when members of their group are not on time. For more information about show preparations, etc. please refer to the Backstage & Recital Preparation sheet that will be emailed to you on Thursday, May 24th.

PICKING UP YOUR DANCER AFTER A PERFORMANCE – Please be on time!!! dancers should be picked up by 9:30 p.m. after each of the performances. Parents of younger dancers may choose to pick up their dancer backstage before the end of the show to take them home.  You must inform someone from our backstage crew that you are taking your dancer early! Dancers cannot however, be brought into the audience in costume to watch the remainder of the show. No dancers in costume will be allowed in the audience at any time during any of the performances. They will NOT be allowed to participate in the final bows during the FINALE.

Dancers & INTERMISSION Refreshments will be available before the show, during intermission and at the end of each of the performances. Dancers are allowed to purchase refreshments prior to, during and after the show ONLY, not during intermission. DUE TO THE LARGE CROWDS, DANCERS MUST REMAIN BACKSTAGE DURING INTERMISSION!  Do not ask dancers to meet you or your guests in the hallway during intermission.

Dancers must have a cover-up on over their costume at all times! Dancers age 11 & younger are not allowed to leave the backstage area without an adult. All dancers are required to ask permission from the backstage crew to get refreshments or to use the restroom – NO EXCEPTIONS!!! All dancers must stay in the backstage area unless they are purchasing refreshments or using the restrooms ONLY!  If the “refreshment privilege” is abused, we will not allow anyone out of the backstage area unless accompanied by an adult. In other words, no hanging out in the hallways!

 At All Six of our Recitals:

×      Concessions for Sale! Refreshments and bottled water will be sold in the lobby of Greendale High School during all 6 shows. In addition, water flavor packets will be sold to add to your water bottles if desired. We will have lots of main dish items such as hot dogs, nachos, pizza, veggie and fruit cups and many, many homemade salads, treats and goodies at our concessions tables! Refreshment prices vary as to what will be sold at each of the performances. Profits from our concessions benefit the dancers in the Technique Intensive Program and those attending Dance Excellence 2020. In addition, a portion of our profits will be donated to the NYC Dance Alliance Scholarship Foundation.

×      Create Your Own Flower Bouquet! Pick and choose what you would like to include in a bouquet for your dancer. (Cost determined on the number of items selected). All profits from our flower sales benefit the above as well.

×      YDA-4-MDA Giveaway Baskets! Take a look at our fun-themed baskets filled with gift certificates to many area restaurants and attractions to help benefit our annual MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) fundraiser! We have been fundraising each year for MDA since 2005!

WHAT TO EXPECT BACKSTAGE – Please keep in mind that there will be hundreds of dancers backstage. This may tend to be a bit overwhelming to the younger dancers, but rest assured, we have been prepping them for the backstage experience. We continue to inform them of what will be happening backstage right up to recital week. Every person is encouraged to ask for help and is introduced to a familiar face backstage. We ask that children bring books and small games to help keep them entertained. They may also bring non-staining snacks and drinks in spill-proof containers only. This will help to avoid accidents. They may also bring a blanket or pillow to sit on. Parents not assigned to help or baby-sit backstage can help a great deal by bringing your child backstage, locating his/her dressing room and reacquaint your child to his/her fellow classmates. After your child is comfortable with their surroundings, please find your seat in the auditorium. Parents may go backstage during intermission.

In some rare cases one or two of the very young dancers (age 3 – 4) may not be comfortable backstage. Moms, you are welcome to stay backstage with them, but at this point in their preparation for the show, we are telling them that all moms go into the audience to watch the show unless you are a backstage helper. Each group is assigned a helper who is in charge of keeping their group “entertained.” 

 IMPORTANT – NO MEN OR BOYS ARE ALLOWED IN ANY OF THE GIRLS’ DRESSING ROOM AREAS! MEN & BOYS ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN THE BOYS’ DRESSING ROOM AREA. Dads, if you are coming to pick up your female dancer, please talk with the backstage crew posted by the dressing room doors and they will get your dancer for you. Dads, we ESPECIALLY need more of you… if you are able, please volunteer to help backstage in the boys’ dressing room.

 NO DANCERS ARE EVER allowed in the audience (whether in costume, cover-up or regular clothes) if they are participating in that evening’s performance!!! dancers must remain backstage!

 RECITAL PICTURES – Pictures taken on May 20th, 22nd & 23rd will be mailed directly to your home. Any problems with missing photos etc. should be reported directly to ON POINTE PHOTOGRAPHY, a division of SPORT PICS at 262-780-2902.

 Perfect attendance and other awards Perfect attendance awards will be given during the dancers’ last day of regular classes this year: Friday, May 18th; Monday, Monday 21st; Tuesday, May 29th; Wednesday, May 30th; Thursday, May 31st and Saturday, June 2nd. Awards are given to those dancers who attended all of their regularly scheduled classes this year. If your dancer attends more than one class per week they need to satisfy the requirement in only one class. You will only receive ONE award, even if you have perfect attendance in more than one class. It is not considered perfect attendance if you missed a class and came to a make up class. If you missed a rescheduled class, you will still have a perfect attendance record. 

We will also be giving out awards to dancers celebrating their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th recitals during the last week of classes. A list of these dancers was emailed along with this newsletter. Please verify that you are included on this list if you should be. We do make mistakes and don’t want to leave anyone out! 

 SUMMER DANCE INTENSIVEYoung Dance Academy is hosting its 6th annual summer dance intensive from Friday, August 10th through Thursday, August 23rd! Faculty will include master teachers from Broadway, TV and feature films plus our own fantastic faculty.  Look for details online mid-summer!!! 

 LOST & FOUND – Please check the lost and found TODAY! All items not claimed by Thursday, May 31st will be taken to Goodwill.

HAIR STYLING & COSMETIC APPLICATION SERVICES – Please feel free to set up an appointment with one of our hair and cosmetic staff if you need help during rehearsal or recital week. Refer to the May newsletter for specific services available and pricing. We will take your name and phone number and your stylist will get in touch with you immediately! Remember to bring your own make-up and hair supplies as they are not provided.

2018 COMMEMORATIVE RECITAL T-SHIRTS – Recital T-shirts are close to being SOLD OUT! Get your shirt TODAY! T-Shirt prices are as follows: $18.00 for one (1), $35.00 for two (2), $48.00 for three (3), each additional shirt is $16.00 each.

 REGISTRATION FOR our 2018 – 2019 dance season – All current students will receive registration information for the 2018-2019 dance season via email on Friday, June 1st. Registration for fall classes will be held beginning Monday, JuNE 18th & TUESDAY, JUNE 19th for returning students. New student registration begins Wednesday, June 20th. Registration continues throughout the months of July and August during our summer program hours.

 *Hours for the First Week of Registration

Monday June 18th: 4:30pm – 9:30pm

Tuesday, June 19th: 9:30am – 9:00pm

Wednesday, June 20th: 9:00am – 8:30pm

Thursday, June 21st: 9:00am – 9:00pm

Regular Summer Business Hours

Mondays: 4:30pm – 9:30pm

Tuesdays: 9:30am – 2:00pm; 4:30pm – 9:00pm

Wednesdays: 9:00am – 2:00pm; 3:30pm – 8:30pm

Thursdays: 9:00am – 2:00pm; 4:30pm – 9:00pm

Saturdays: 9:00am – 12:30pm

*Please make note: For the first week of registration, hours are extended longer than our regular summer business hours.

EARLY REGISTRATION INCENTIVE - Any students registering for our 2018-2019 dance season during our first week of registration, Monday June 18th through Thursday, June 21st, will receive a credit for 2 free recital tickets for our 2019 dance recital!

Looking forward to exciting rehearsal and recital weeks!

Sandy & Staff