SEPTEMBER 2016 Newsletter

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September 2016 Newsletter

Our Mission Statement: Dance training is a very special experience for children and adults. It is not only an enjoyable activity, but also one from which you can learn social graces, coordination, physical fitness, appreciation of the arts and a sense of pride and accomplishment. Our staff stresses technique and showmanship to encourage everyone to be the best they can be!

WELCOME & WELCOME BACK! – We are so happy you are here with us this season as we begin our 34th year of dance education! Please let us know immediately of any problems or concerns so we can help to make this year’s dance experience memorable for all. Please leave a message at the front desk or on our studio voicemail if you have any concerns so we can address any situation immediately. Many student placement changes are made within the first few weeks of classes to properly place students within classes that suit them best. We make it our priority to accommodate every dancer as best we can. We want everyone to have a great dance year, so please feel free to call with any issues you feel need to be addressed.

MONTHLY NEWSLETTERS VIA EMAIL – Monthly newsletters are emailed to registered dancers whose current email addresses are on file at the studio.  Newsletters will not be handed out to dancers in class.  If you do not have access to email, your dancer can pick up a hard copy at the front desk beginning the first class of the month.  Newsletters contain important information and notify you of important dates, upcoming events and activities. Monthly newsletters may also be downloaded from our studio website at Visit the website for important announcements and upcoming events at YDA along with news on our alumni!

In addition to monthly newsletters, emails are sent from our studio email, These emails are reminders concerning upcoming events, studio closings, etc. Please remember to provide us with a current email address to stay updated on studio announcements.

YOUNG DANCE ACADEMY APP – We are so excited to introduce our NEW Young Dance Academy App! Keep updated with all the latest information all in one convenient place! You can share photos with our dance cam, chat with other students, learn more about YDA, and get instant alerts! Simply search for Young Dance Academy in the Google Play or App store to get started. All of our monthly newsletters will be available within the app as well.

SUMMER DANCE PROGRAM – Thank you to all of the dancers who took advantage of our 8-week summer dance program! Dancers were able to take class from many different teachers and try all genres of dance. Taking classes using our punch card system is a great way to enjoy your summer vacation and still continue to dance when it works into your schedule.

SUMMER INTENSIVE 2016 - Thank you to all who enjoyed classes in our 4th summer dance intensive!  Master class teachers came from all over the country to teach our students for 2 weeks at the end of August. Plan to participate in the summer of 2017 during our 5th annual end of summer dance event!

DANCEWEAR AND SHOE SALE – On Saturday, September 10th, we will be having a used dancewear and shoe sale from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Stop in to see if you can fulfill shoe and dancewear needs for your dancer instead of purchasing new shoes, etc. for fall classes.  You will definitely find some great deals! In addition we will have many new dancewear items for you to purchase off the racks including leotards and Young Dance t-shirts, sweats, jackets, etc. Stop in to take a look!

SHOE ORDERS – Most shoe orders take 1 – 2 weeks to arrive. If your dancer does not have proper dance shoes for the first few weeks of class they may wear socks over their tights or go barefoot until their dance shoes arrive.

Please remember the shoes you order for class may not be the shoes you will need for the June recitals. You will be notified in January of the specific style and color shoe(s) your dancer(s) will need for the June recitals. Make sure your dancer is with you when you are ordering / purchasing shoes, as they need to be fitted for a size. If you choose to purchase ballet slippers somewhere other than the studio, please note that some retail stores market a mock “ballet slipper” that have slippery soles and no elastic straps. Please make sure you are purchasing a regulation ballet shoe, leather or canvas, with a suede sole and elastic straps.

MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENTS – OCTOBER TUITION IS DUE THE FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER. All payments made after FRIDAY, October 7th are considered late and are subject to a $5.00 per week late fee charge. Please note, if you fail to pay your $5.00 per week late fee, it is recorded on your registration card and you will be billed for any unpaid fees in April. Dancers do not receive costumes in April unless all unpaid fees are paid in full. A $20.00 service fee is charged on all returned checks. Please note: We do NOT send out reminders for monthly tuition payments. YOU ARE NOT SENT A MONTHLY BILL. Please consider taking advantage of our auto withdrawal option avoid any late payments and subsequent late fees.

AUTO WITHDRAWAL – You may have read in our studio brochure that we offer auto withdrawal for your monthly tuition payment. To take advantage of this service, simply fill out a form available at the front desk and attach a voided check to the form.  Auto withdrawal payments come out of your checking account on the first of each month.  Please submit your forms at the front desk by the 15th of the month prior to the month when you would like the service to begin.  Please note: If you took advantage of our auto withdrawal last season and have signed up again to use this service, you do not need to fill out a new form or submit a new voided check unless your bank information has changed.  If your tuition amount is different than the previous season, your tuition fee amount will be adjusted.

MONTHLY TUITION DROP BOX – Please feel free to take advantage of our drop box located at the front desk. The drop box is for those who don’t wish to wait in line to pay their monthly tuition. Drop box payments are to be made with a CHECK ONLY. (Please write dancers name in the memo portion of your check. This is helpful especially when the dancer has a different last name than his or her parent.) Please, no CASH PAYMENTS.  We will not be held responsible for any cash payments placed in the drop box! 

MONTHLY GIFT CERTIFICATE RAFFLE – Dancers whose monthly tuition is paid by the 7th of each month are eligible for our $50 gift certificate raffle. Simply fill out a raffle slip when paying your monthly tuition. Our drawing is held on the 8th of each month. Gift certificates can be used for recital tickets or dancewear including shoes and tights. Gift certificates may not be used towards your monthly tuition payment.

IMPORTANT - Monthly tuition payments are the same each month regardless of how many days/weeks of classes are held during any particular month. Vacation days are figured into our yearly calendar and each dancer receives the same number of classes per dance season regardless of which day of the week a class is held.

MOVIE NIGHT – Join us for our first ever Young Dance Backyard Movie Night on Saturday, September 17th at 6:00pm! Watch the featured film, Hairspray, purchase snacks from our concession stand, and learn moves from the movie for a dance along during the film! Come dressed in 1960s apparel and be ready to have a spectacular time! Cost $5 per person and $20 per family!

YDA’s ANNUAL HALLOWEEN DANCE PARTY - Our annual Halloween Dance Party will be held on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29th from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Costs is $20.00 per dancer OR bring a friend not currently enrolled at Young Dance and you and your friend pay a discounted price of only $15.00 per person! Students age 4 & older only please (no parent supervision required.) Costumes are encouraged… prize giveaways for the best costumes! Snacks and juice provided along with crafts, games, dancing and MUCH MORE! Sign up TODAY at the front desk!  ALL profits from this event will benefit the dancers attending Dance Excellence 2018 in Los Angeles! Come dance the night away with your friends… we know you’ll have a SPOOK-tacular time!

EMERGENCY CONTACTS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES - Please double check that you have included a current email address on your dancer’s registration card to receive announcements about upcoming YDA events and reminders. In addition, make sure you have included an emergency contact name and phone number on your child’s registration form. We will always contact the parents first before trying an emergency contact.


  • NO eating or drinking allowed beyond the lobby, including hallways, locker rooms and classrooms! Dancers may however bring capped water bottles to class if necessary. Make sure all aluminum cans/plastic bottles are emptied before placing them in the recycling receptacle located next to the beverage machine in the lobby.
  • Dancers must adhere to the studio dress code including proper shoes and hairstyle. Please review the studio dress code printed in the studio brochure or on our website. NO “street” clothes of any kind!
  • Parents of preschool dancers – Please remember no leotards with skirts or tutus attached.  Preschool dancers tend to “play” with their skirts and not focus as well on the activity of dance.

PHONE USE – Young Dance Academy does not have a public phone, however we realize that some situations may require the use of our phone. Phone use is 50¢ per important call and anyone using the phone must remain at the front desk. Phone use is limited to short necessary conversations only. Please remember it is a business line, not a public phone.

HALLWAY TRAFFIC – Please keep out of the hallways as much as possible and conversations to a bare minimum. Talking and other noises disturb ongoing classes. Parents need to remain in the lobby while classes are in session to keep hallways free of congestion. Do not sit in the hallway or classroom doorways at any time. Please do not be offended if a teacher closes their classroom door as students are easily distracted by hallway activity. We do appreciate your cooperation in this matter!

DRESSING ROOMS – Lockers are provided for the Technique Intensive Program dancers as they spend between 12–20 hours per week at the studio. NOTE: Only females are allowed in the girl’s dressing room. NO dads please! Males are only allowed in the boys’ dressing room.

Please hang jackets and sweaters on the hooks provided. Keep shoes and dance bags under the benches or next to the walls so dancers can move about the locker room without tripping over others’ belongings. MAKE SURE ALL SHOES (DANCE and STREET SHOES) AS WELL AS JACKETS AND COATS ARE MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME! Countless numbers of coats and shoes have been mistakenly taken home and never seen again. If you plan to bring money for refreshments, please bring it in a small coin purse and bring it into class with you. Teachers will keep it for you until after class. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ITEMS OF VALUE TO THE STUDIO AND LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED IN THE LOCKER ROOMS.

THANKSGIVING VACATION – The studio will be closed for the entire week of Thanksgiving, Monday November 21st through Saturday, November 26th.  I wanted to get this information to you as early as possible for those planning vacations. Classes will resume Monday, November 28th.

BEVERAGES & SNACKS – A beverage machine is located in our lobby with the following Pepsi products: Diet Pepsi Cherry, Mountain Dew, Brisk Fruit Punch, Brisk Lemonade, Aquafina Flavorsplash Raspberry, SOBE Coconut Water, Aquafina bottled water, G2 Grape Gatorade and Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. Prices range from 75¢ to $1.50. Water bottles in the classrooms only, no open cans please. We also have an array of snacks available for $1.00 each.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask any one of our front desk staff and they would be happy to assist you in finding the answers you need!

Happy Dancing to All!

Sandy Young and the faculty and staff of Young Dance Academy