2017 Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Click here for a printable version of our 2017 Dress Rehearsal Schedule.

Listed below is information concerning our DRESS REHEARSALS for our June 2017 Recitals. Please follow the criteria listed below to the letter to ensure smooth running dress rehearsals and subsequent performances.


1.      Dress rehearsals are held at Greendale High School in the Henry Ross Auditorium located at 6801 Southway in Greendale. Please enter Greendale High School through the back doors located in the rear parking lot behind the school.

2.      Dancers must arrive at least 30 MINUTES BEFORE their scheduled dress rehearsal time to warm-up and review choreography on their own. Dancers should plan to stay 30 MINUTES AFTER their 25-minute on stage dress rehearsal to possibly rehearse more with their teacher or assistant teacher(s). This is required, not just a suggestion! In most cases, dancers are dismissed immediately following their time on stage. Each teacher will dismiss their dancers after their stage rehearsal if they do not need them to stay later for extra rehearsing.

3.      All dress rehearsals are in FULL COSTUME (all necessary alterations should be complete by the dates of dress rehearsals) WITH REQUIRED TIGHTS & SHOES WITH HAIRSTYLE & FULL STAGE MAKE-UP. This is the only opportunity for you to personally record your dancer’s class routine in costume. Please remember to come fully prepared for this dress rehearsal. It affects all the dancers in your group if you come in regular dance clothes or with pieces of your costume missing or your hair styled differently than what is required. REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A FULL DRESS REHEARSAL!

4.      Anyone may bring video cameras to tape the dress rehearsals on Friday, June 2nd, Saturday, June 3rd, Monday, June 5th, Tuesday, June 6th, Wednesday, June 7th and Thursday, June 8th. This is also your opportunity to take photos of your dancers in costume.


5.      A dressing room at Greendale High School will be open for dancers who perform in more than one dance number and need to change costumes, hairstyles, etc. during dress rehearsals. Parents are expected to do all of their own dancer’s costume and hairstyle changes on their corresponding rehearsal days. More specific details about recital costume changes during the performances will be in both the May newsletter and Backstage Information note that you will receive in May.

6.      Dancers and IMMEDIATE family only may stay and watch the dress rehearsals on the following dress rehearsal days: Friday, June 2nd, Saturday, June 3rd, Monday, June 5th, Tuesday, June 6th, Wednesday, June 7th and Thursday, June 8th. Anyone that is disturbing the rehearsals will be asked to leave. It is very important that those observing remain quiet. It is very difficult for the dancers to hear instructions while they are on the stage. The noise is extremely distracting, especially for the younger dancers. Your courtesy towards the dancers, teachers and those observing and/or videotaping their dancer is much appreciated. Anyone watching dress rehearsals must be seated in an auditorium seat! No one may sit on the floor in front of the first row of seats! In addition, please note that the front row of the center section of the auditorium is reserved for teachers and staff during dress rehearsals. There is no running or fooling around and there is absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM… PLEASE RESPECT THIS RULE! Refreshments are allowed in the hallways and specific dressing rooms only!  Please adhere to the signs that tell where food and/or drink will be allowed!

7.    PLEASE BE ON TIME TO PICK UP YOUR DANCERS! Know the completion time of your dancer’s rehearsal! If your dancer is scheduled to rehearse in the last time slot on a specific day, please be there 25 minutes after their start time to pick up your dancer. PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!

ATTENDING TO YOUR RECITAL NEEDS – During the week of dress rehearsals at Greendale High School, you are able to purchase additional recital tickets and tights if needed. Someone from our staff will always be there to answer your questions and attend to all of your recital needs!

**IMPORTANT - FINALE – All of our dancers appear on stage at the end of each performance for a final bow. Dancers will learn the finale choreography in their regular classes during the last few weeks of class. Since we do not do a full run-through rehearsal of any of our shows, we want to emphasize early on that it is imperative the backstage crew receives FULL COOPERATION AT ALL TIMES, especially in setting up our finale during each performance. Please be helpful, cooperative and above all, quiet for those in charge backstage. Thank you for helping to make your shows a success!