February E-Newsletter

Dear Parents and Dancers,

February is already here and recital dances are well under way in all of the classes performing in the recital. Individual recital music CDs were handed out in classes beginning Monday, January 29th. If your dancer was absent and did not receive his or her CD, please see the front desk staff. If you misplace your copy, a new copy can be purchased at the front desk at a cost of $3.00 per CD. Remind your dancers to practice using the music we have provided. It is more fun and much easier to practice as you go, rather than waiting until the last minute to try and practice the entire dance as it gets close to the recital!

TUITION REMINDER – February tuition must be paid by Tuesday, February 7th (also any other past due tuition payments) to be eligible for the $50 gift certificate drawing. Late payments will incur a $5.00 per week late fee. Congratulations to Ethan Hightower, winner of last month’s gift certificate drawing!

HOLIDAY SHOWCASE DVDs Holiday Showcase DVDs will be available for pick up at the studio beginning MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13th. You may still place an order for a Holiday Showcase DVD at $45.00 per DVD. Late orders placed by Saturday, February 18th will be available for pick up at the studio beginning Monday, March 13th. Any late orders placed after February 18th will be charged a $10.00 late fee bringing the total cost to $50.00 per DVD.

THEATER WORKSHOP – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25th Young Dance is offering a theater workshop experience for those interested in exploring the world of dramatic acting. This workshop will be taught by two veteran actors from New York City, Johnny Tammaro and Topher Goodman. More details will be emailed to YDA families next week. Watch for details and keep Saturday, February 25th open for this amazing opportunity!

“ALL BOYS” RECITAL DANCE As many of you know, each year all of the boys enrolled at Young Dance Academy are eligible to participate in our “all boys” number in the June recitals.  All families with a boy enrolled at the studio will receive an email next week with further details. 

RECITAL SCHEDULE I have been working on the recital and rehearsal schedules for our June recitals and will have completed schedules to you by the end of March. My most important goal is to make sure that dancers in the same family perform all of their dances in at least one show together. This process is done so families do not have to purchase tickets for more than one performance if they do not desire to do so. It is very difficult to make this possible for all families, and occasionally, I cannot accommodate everyone. Also, it is impossible to make allowances for those going on vacations, etc. however; I do realize that some things are out of our control, such as graduations and family weddings. DANCERS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL PERFORMANCES SCHEDULED FOR THEIR PARTICULAR CLASS. If your dancer is required to dance in 3 shows, they must be there for all 3 performances and corresponding dress rehearsals. Our dancers do not stay in one particular spot on stage for the duration of their dance. They are continuously changing formations and it is unfair to expect the rest of the class to accommodate for your dancer’s empty spot because of a trip to Great America or leaving early for a family vacation before the end of recital week. Once the schedule is finished, NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE! Changing it would affect too many people so once it is done it is final. Please note that the majority of the young pre-school age classes will perform in 3 shows and all other classes will perform somewhere between 3-4 shows.

**NOTE: Dancers and parents, please pay particularly close attention to the policy that dancers need to be at ALL of their scheduled performances. In the past, we have had dancers not show up for a scheduled performance, but managed to make it to the show that they had purchased tickets for their family. This causes many problems backstage before the show and can negatively affect the performance of others. Please phone the studio ahead of time if your child is injured or ill at the last minute and will not be able to make a scheduled performance.


RECITAL SHOES – Many people have recently asked questions about dyeing dance shoes for the recital. Please do not dye any shoes until just before recital pictures. Dye can be purchased at most cobbler or shoe repair shops. The elastic straps on ballet slippers cannot be dyed, so the elastic must be changed to match the shoe color. Laces on jazz shoes cannot be dyed and must also be replaced. When dying ballet slippers pink; choose a light pastel pink to match the pink ballet slippers sold at the studio. Test the color on scrap material before applying to dance shoes! If your dancer is required to have a strap or children’s tap shoe, the oxford tie tap shoes are NOT acceptable; they will not coordinate well with dancers’ costumes if it is a certain style dress or skirt. Do not forget to check our bulletin board in the hallway in between the boys’ and girls’ dressing rooms. Even if you do not need shoes yourself, there are many people looking for shoes that you may have at home and can get rid of usefully. If you have put a note on the board and have sold shoes, remember to remove your note to make room for new notes. Also, the board in the hallway is for shoes and dancewear ONLY and not for any other advertising.

 SNOW CLOSINGS – As a general rule, the studio is closed when Oak Creek Public schools close due to inclement weather.  If you are unsure if we will be closed, please call the studio, check our website and check on FOX 6 (Channel 6) or at www.myfoxmilwaukee.com. You may request a make up class if you so desire. As it states in our fall brochure, no refunds are given for classes canceled due to weather conditions.  PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT CLOSE FOR PREDICTED STORMS.

 YOUNG DANCE ACADEMY WINTER BREAK IN MARCHYoung Dance Academy will be closed Wednesday, March 1st through Saturday, March 4th for our “Winter Break.” These vacation days were figured into our calendar for the 2016-2017 dance season. All classes, regardless of which day your dancer has his or her dance class, receive the same number of dance classes each season.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

Sandy & Staff