2018 Recital Performance Schedule

Click here for our 2018 Recital Performance Schedule for our recreational classes.

Click here for our 2018 TI / Competitive Dance Program Recital Performance Schedule.

We will be presenting 6 shows this year! EVERY show will be different; no two shows will be exactly the same. Every show will include a select number of our competitive dance numbers. On Friday, June 15th all of our Competitive Dance Program numbers will be performed, excluding solos. Soloists will each perform once and not necessarily in the Friday, June 15th show.

All performances begin at 7:00pm at the Henry Ross Auditorium at Greendale High School Auditorium, 6801 Southway in Greendale.

The dates for our 6 performances are as follows:

  • Saturday, June 9th, 2018
  • Sunday, June 10th, 2018
  • Monday, June 11th, 2018
  • Tuesday, June 12th, 2018
  • Thursday, June 14th, 2018
  • Friday, June 15th, 2018

IMPORTANT – I made every effort to consider all of your recital conflicts. Some of you may find that I could not accommodate your requests. If you find you have a conflict, please notify your teacher immediately so your teacher can work on getting a replacement for the show you will miss. Remember you will need to loan your costume to the dancer who will be taking your place in the show you will not be able to attend. Your teacher will be responsible for getting the costume back to you. Do not wait until the last minute to inform your teacher that you have a conflict with any of the recital dates now that you have the recital schedule! Please note: Most classes perform in three of our shows. Classes with eight or fewer dancers will perform in 2 shows.

RECITAL TICKET SALES – Our recital ticket sales are handled using a lottery system. The lottery system will be explained in a separate email next month. Tickets go on sale SATURDAY, APRIL 28TH. You are limited to 10 tickets per family during the first week of ticket sales to ensure every family receives an even share of tickets. The remaining tickets are then sold on a first come, first serve basis beginning Monday, May 7th during regular business hours. Tickets are $15.00 each for all shows. Everyone seated in the audience requires a ticket (as outlined in our brochure). Ages 3 & younger do not need a ticket, but must be seated on the lap of an adult. ALL SEATING IS RESERVED.

Parents of pre-school dancers only (dancers age 3 – 6 years) that have volunteered to help backstage may watch from the wings backstage when their dancer performs. No one will be able to congregate in the entrance to the auditorium to watch a dance number regardless of whether or not they have paid for a ticket. Parents congregating inside the auditorium near the entrance to watch their dancer perform are greatly disturbing to the families who have purchased tickets and are seated near the entrance. No one will be able to congregate in the entrance to the auditorium. Please keep this in mind when purchasing your tickets!
Please make note that absolutely NO dancers are allowed in the auditorium during any of the performances unless they are not performing in that particular recital and have purchased a ticket for that particular show.

DANCERS MUST PERFORM IN ALL SCHEDULED PERFORMANCES (see above note titled IMPORTANT.) – Parents need only purchase tickets for the shows they plan to watch in a reserved auditorium seat. Parents should drop their dancer(s) off backstage for all shows in which their dancers are required to perform AND sign up to be a backstage volunteer!
All dancers are supervised backstage during all performances. We realize it is difficult for some to volunteer to help backstage for a particular show before you purchase your tickets. Please volunteer to help backstage as soon as possible after you purchase your tickets so we can get our shows organized to run as smoothly as possible. We count on the help of all of the wonderful parent volunteers to make each show a professional production for all to enjoy!

SHOW LINE–UP OF DANCE NUMBERS – Later this month you will receive the “line-up” (list of the exact order of dance numbers) for each show. You will then know ahead of time how many quick costume changes your dancer(s) may have (if they have costume changes at all). It may even help you decide which show to attend if you have a choice and which show you may want to be backstage to help your dancer(s). Many more details are to come regarding this process. Watch for the information to come soon.

DRESS REHEARSAL SCHEDULE – Each dance class will be assigned a specific rehearsal day and time, Friday, June 1st, Saturday, June 2nd, Monday, June 4th, Tuesday, June 5th, Wednesday, June 6th or Thursday, June 7th. Each group will come to Greendale High School in full costume, hairstyle and make-up to rehearse their dance on stage for approx. 20 – 25 minutes. The weekday rehearsals will start at approximately 4:00 p.m. Please note that if your dancer has more than one dance number they most likely will have to rehearse on more than one specific day at the high school. This means that you will need to do hair and make-up on more than one day. In preparing the rehearsal schedule, I try to keep as many dancers and their classes grouped together on the same day. However, you can imagine it is difficult and will not be ideal for everyone. WE DO NOT DO A FULL RUN-THROUGH OF ANY SHOW FROM START TO FINISH.

DRESS REHEARSAL AND RECITAL VIDEOTAPING – Only dress rehearsals may be video taped. As it states in our brochure, there is NO personal videotaping of any of our recitals. Our recital is professionally videotaped by Superior Video Productions. The reason for this rule is to protect teachers’ choreography and to allow our audiences to be free of obstructed views from other cameras and movements during our performances. NO VIDEO RECORDING OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING CELL PHONES, ETC.) IS ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM DURING ANY PERFORMANCE. Please make a note of this and remind all of your guests that are planning to attend any of our shows. You will be asked to take your camera to your car and/or put your phones away. Please adhere to these policies as a courtesy to the dancers, teachers and the other members of our audience.

NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED DURING ANY OF OUR PERFORMANCES – You may take unlimited photos at DRESS REHEARSALS ONLY. Photography during a performance is not only distracting to those around you, but may be both distracting and dangerous for the dancers performing.

COURTEOUS BEHAVIOR – Please remind your guests attending our performances that we expect our shows to be enjoyable for all. It is not enjoyable, however, for those attending to be forced to tolerate screaming and shouting out of dancer’s names, etc. during and in between dance numbers. It is rude and a definite distraction! Please inform all of your guests that this will not be tolerated and your guests will be asked to leave the auditorium if they cannot conduct themselves in a mature manner. This is primarily a “teen” problem, however there are even some adults who do not seem to understand that it is NOT a sporting event. Please applaud and cheer for your dancers after they have performed to show them how proud you are of them! It’s unfortunate that some do not have enough confidence that their dancers really can perform their best without hearing their name being yelled out from the audience. My advice is to refrain from inviting those who simply cannot control their behavior. It is embarrassing to your dancer to hear their name shouted out before and/or after they perform (trust me, they are cringing backstage and/or onstage if they are hearing their name yelled before the music begins!) We at Young Dance try to make this the most professional theatrical experience for all to enjoy!

In addition, please do NOT get up in the middle of the performance to exit the auditorium and/or to go backstage to change your dancer’s costume(s). Our backstage staff is there for costume changes during each Act! We have an extremely efficient group of parents and dancers who are happy to make it easy for you to sit back and enjoy the show. If you must get up during the show, please be courteous and wait until a dance number is completely finished before discreetly exiting! Guests will be allowed to return to their seats in between dance numbers ONLY!

IMPORTANT INFO CONCERNING BACKSTAGE VOLUNTEERS – We are so thankful and extremely appreciative of all of our parent volunteers who generously donate their time during our June recital week and for our December Holiday Showcase day each dance season. We need to have the backstage dressing rooms adequately staffed to take great care of all of the dancers, especially those youngest dancers who need help with trips to the bathroom, costume changing and general attention.

Please remember to volunteer to help backstage for at least one of our June recitals this spring. We need you! Thank you in advance for your consideration!
Thank you again to all of the volunteers who helped during our December 2017 Holiday Showcase. We really do appreciate you!


  • The LINE UP of all 6 Recital Performances.


  • The DRESS REHEARSAL SCHEDULE for each individual class.

Please don’t hesitate to ask our front desk staff any questions regarding the recital performance schedule.

For a printable explanation of our Recital Performance Schedule, click here.